The Harrigan Hive

Network headquarters for Billie Harrigan Consulting and Education

About Us

This is a network for connecting those who are on a journey to learning about birth through a trauma-informed, compassionate, and wise-woman lens. We provide education for birth professionals in the skills of trauma-informed care and offer a place for meaningful connection for those who are choosing to welcome their babies outside of the regulated maternity systems. We offer training in the knowledge and skills of a Traditional Birth Companion.

Why You Should Join Us

This is where you can gain the life-saving skills of trauma-informed care that is specific to the childbearing client. This is also where you can learn the time-honoured skills of a Traditional Birth Companion that includes today's expansive knowledge and science of safe birth. There are options for birth support when a regulated midwife or an OB aren't the right answer for you and unassisted isn't what you're looking for. Come and join this dynamic network where you can find like-minded people on the same learning journey.

A Big Thanks

Together we can create a new model of birth support and birth services that ends the global crisis of obstetric violence and birth-related trauma. Safe, respectful, and joyous birth needs to become every woman's expected and normal experience. Let's end the litany of birth horror stories by ensuring no birth is horrible. 

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