The Harrigan Hive

Network headquarters for Billie Harrigan Consulting and Education

About Us

Our goal is to see more babies arrive safely and gently from empowered non-traumatised mothers. We do this by connecting with others who are learning to walk a different path for holistic pregnancy and birth and sharing our stories and supporting one another. We do this by training birth professionals in the skills of trauma-informed care. And we do this by training knowledgeable and skilled Traditional Birth Companions who can offer holistic non-medical wise-woman care from pre-conception to pregnancy. 

Join Us

Together we are learning the science of safe birth, resurrecting the ancient wisdom of woman-care, and creating a sisterhood of compassionate, caring sojourners on a path to creating a better welcome for our precious babies and an empowering rite-of-passage for their mothers. 

A Big Thanks

Together we can create a new model of birth support and birth services that ends the global crisis of obstetric violence and birth-related trauma. Safe, respectful, and joyous birth needs to become every woman's expected and normal experience. Let's end the litany of birth horror stories by ensuring no birth is horrible. 

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