The Harrigan Hive

Reclaiming our sovereignty for our babies, ourselves, our families, and our future.

About Us

Is anyone having a good birth anymore? All we hear are horror stories - because women's births are fairly horrible. It doesn't have to be that way. We can make changes and do things differently. 

What if we stopped turning to legacy institutions that are churning out terrible outcomes - just because that's what's been done before? What if we reclaimed our sovereignty over our bodies, our births, our babies, families, finances, and future? What if we decided how to take care of ourselves and our families knowing no one cares more than we do?

The Hive Collective, a private member association, is a community of women and men who have come together to reclaim their sovereignty and to create a path forward that they and their children deserve. This is a place where we share ideas, information, and experiences for restoring our health, overcoming bad births, welcoming our babies in safety and dignity, taking care of ourselves and our families, and choosing who we submit to and what kind of services we need or want. 

We are a community of intelligent, invested, grown up women and men who know we can make things better for ourselves and our children and their children. We have to start somewhere. Let's get started!

Join Us

Start by joining our free network to learn more. Know that you are not alone! We are coming together to gain knowledge, wisdom, and courage to chart a path forward that is life-affirming, honourable, and optimistic. We are resurrecting the ancient wisdom of woman-care, and creating a sisterhood and brotherhood of compassionate, caring sojourners on a path to increasing sovereignty where our babies arrive safely and gently, our families grow in wellness, and we become the change we need.

A Big Thanks

Oppression, 'misinformation', and incessant fear-messaging doesn't stand a chance when we come together to say 'enough is enough'. We are here to recover, heal, learn, teach, share, grow and become even more epic badasses. Let's do this! ❤️